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Re: [ontolog-forum] Guo's word senses and Foundational Ontologies

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Date: Fri, 29 May 2009 13:39:06 -0400
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> This experiment by Guo sounds like something I'd like to pursue in more
> detail. Pat, do you have a link that gives the list of 1433 words and 3280
> senses ?    (01)

Unfortunately, I was never able to find that list on-line; it is referenced
in several publications, including Guo's book "Machine Tractable
Dictionaries: Design and Construction" (Ablex Publishing, 1995).  Longman
created and sells a database called "mini-LDOCE" based on that set, that I
think has that list in it, but it costs several thousand dollars.  Guo went
back to China and I have not been able to find contact information for him.
Still trying.    (02)

For my own work, I am not at this point concerned about the minimal set of
defining words, because I also think that a useful FO will have to have a
good natural language interface, and a usable controlled vocabulary for that
purpose will probably be in excess of 3000 words, including words defined
with the basic vocabulary, not just the primitives. My own experiments in
definition use the Longman list, which is available on-line, e.g.:
    http://www.micra.com/COSMO/DefiningVocabulary/ldoce-vocab.txt    (03)

As for your second question:
> As an example, I'd like to see what this last paragraph of Pat's would
> look like if expressed using solely the words in this list of word senses
> by Cheng-Ming Guo.
> Pat Cassidy concluded:
> > The main purpose of the FO project I have suggested is to create such
> > a community of users with varied interests who can evolve an FO that
> > suits all of their purposes and serves to support accurate
> > and to sustain them for several years so as to properly test that FO.
> > will provide us with a publicly accessible FO that has actual
> > applications that illustrate its use, something we don't have now.
> Pat, can you do that ?
> JK
  Interesting challenge.  I will be leaving soon for a meeting and won't be
back for a week, but will look at what needs to be defined in order to
phrase that in a controlled vocabulary.    (04)

Pat    (05)

Patrick Cassidy
cell: 908-565-4053
cassidy@xxxxxxxxx    (06)

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