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To: "Peter Yim" <peter.yim@xxxxxxxx>
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From: "Azamat" <abdoul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 2 Apr 2009 11:51:40 +0300
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It is not your style of making such faux pas.    (01)

Re. NeOn, they are aiming high as "the FP6 flagship project of knowledge and 
content technologies." That's not bad. But justify your ambition by showing 
a solid ontological and semantic foundation. So I posed some key questions 
to head-off "the unfounded assessments":
Which "single-ontology style"  is it aimed to enhance, if any?
How is it going to collect domain ontologies, as a assortment, a library or 
as an integrated system?
Where is it planning to place upper ontologies?
How the networked ontologies are related with the standard ontology system 
of top classes and meanings?    (02)

So simple. If you know what you are actually doing then it must be easy. 
Otherwise, you will be confused. Do you see something unscientific here? It 
will do justice to the Forum and me to get some reasonable explanations (at 
least to learn why i paid so much EU taxes last two years).    (03)

Azamat Abdoullaev
http://www.eis.com.cy    (04)

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Subject: NeOn Project [was - Fwd: [ontolog-forum] semantics of the mKR 
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Azamat,    (06)

I join Chris Menzel in challenging your "passing judgment" on the NeOn
project and their participants' knowledge. If you have been following
the activities of this forum, you would have seen some of the finest
work in our domain field, showcased by folks from the NeOn project.
Just look through -
and you will see great work like OMV, ODP, the NeOn Toolkit, Oyster,
Watson, Cupboard ... etc. coming out of that project.    (07)

Let's be scientific about this on our community workspace, and keep
unfounded assessments out.    (08)

Regards.  =ppy    (09)

Peter Yim
Co-convener, ONTOLOG
--    (010)

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