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Re: [ontolog-forum] Incompatibilities in 3D to 4D

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From: Michael Gruninger <gruninger@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 16 Mar 2009 17:16:10 -0400
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Hi Pat,    (01)

Pat Hayes wrote:    (02)

> Ali Hashemi wrote:
>> I guess, if there are no serious errors in this email and the last, 
>> are there any practical considerations which might hinder such 
>> interoperability (aside from the non-existence of axioms thus far)? 
>>  Is the 3D-4D debate really an issue for people developing actual 
>> ontology applications?
> It is, because there really are some tricky problems in making the 
> various formal ontologies cooperate, and because both views have been 
> used in actual deployed ontology standards. So we really do have an 
> interoperability issue here. I don't say the situation is impossible, 
> but it is of more than purely theoretical or philosophical interest.    (03)

What are the actual deployed ontology standards and where are their 
axiomatizations?    (04)

I realize that ISO 15926 is always promoted as a 4D ontology, but it is 
not axiomatized.
One point of Ali's posting is that until we get a concrete fixed set of 
axioms for a 3D ontology
and a concrete fixed set of axioms for a 4D ontology, we cannot say 
anything about whether
or a semantic mapping exists or what such a mapping requires.    (05)

- michael    (06)

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