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Re: [ontolog-forum] Incompatibilities in 3D to 4D

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Dear Ali,



[MW] Ah. But it doesn’t. That is what the 3D relation needs to have (when did it apply). In 4D the relation would simply between the states of the objects for which it was true, and the time element is derived from the start and end time of the state. You would also need to know which objects the states were temporal parts of of course.[/MW]


Ah thanks for the clarification; it looks like, as with any perspective, there is 4D + lots of variants. I was just thinking of how to enforce minimal "4Dness" in an ontology via axioms, but it appears what I proposed was too specific.


[MW] There are two versions of 4D, stage theory – where there are lots of slices strung together like a string of pearls, and perdurance theory, where there are parts extended in time, and not just at points in time. The variation on both of these is whether identity is based on spatio-temporal extent. However, neither of these has dates on relations – only spatio-temporal extents have dates in 4D. Anything else is a version of 3D. 4D is not about dealing with time at all, but a particular way of doing so.




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