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I thought I'd pass along this brief summary of some semantics goings on re:
the open source content management system, Drupal, at a recent event as
related by     (02)

Stéphane Corlosquet
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Thanks.    (04)

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DrupalCon DC 2009 - RDF sessions braindump 
DrupalCon DC 2009 featured a nice selection of RDF related sessions. 2
regular presentations served as introduction to those who were unfamiliar
with the topic, or just wanted to refresh their mind with the latest
happenings. Boris Mann presented Practical Semantic Web and Why You Should
Care focused on the practicalities of RDF, in particular the newly
standardized RDFa, Open Data and what benefits the semantic web can bring.
Using Intelligent Web Services for Semantic Drupal Sites by
Frank Febbraro illustrated a use case of RDF with Drupal, built on top of
the Open Calais service.    (09)

Following up on the 2 presentations, I scheduled 2 BoF sessions to talk in
more details about the RDF modules in Drupal. The first one on Thursday
started by a round of table where we all introduced ourselves. During/after
lunch I went over the RDF CCK and Evoc modules, I showed how to use them and
how they easily allow to map existing CCK content models to external
vocabularies. Some interesting questions emerged from the demo, some of them
related to RDF in general, others asking about the features of the modules.
Someone asked about the patch for CCK to enable RDFa with RDF CCK which is
now published. I must have forgotten some of the questions, please leave
them as comments below (also if I promised you a link!). I was delighted to
see so much interest and despite the late notice more than 20 people turned
up! On Friday, a second BoF focused on the implementation of RDF in core.     (010)

I presented my ideas in a few slides as a starter for brainstorming and we
continued from there. The idea #1 is basically a simple RDFa annotation in
the tpl files, and the make the point that this is not what we need for code
- though it might fit some use particular uses cases where you want to
create a tpl for each content type. The idea #2 is more flexible and is more
what we want for core. Fago suggested to use token since it's under review
for being integrated into core. Robert mentioned that all these mappings
could be expressed in RDF if Drupal had a way to store its settings as RDF,
but this seems like a big undertaking given that the code freeze is now
planned for September 1st. That's an idea for Drupal 8 though! Feel free to
jump in the RDF core issues on drupal.org, especially the one we discussed
during the brainstorming: RDFa: Add semantics from the ground up.    (011)

Thanks to all who came and participated in these sessions. I hope you all
learnt something and that you'll continue supporting RDF for Drupal 7,
whether it's by watching this group, contributing ideas, feedback or use
cases. Don't forget to include your name and a short description in the
participant wiki page. Keep in mind there is an RDF code sprint to be
organized in Galway in May. I will post more information on the dates soon.    (012)

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