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Date: Tue, 10 Mar 2009 17:44:51 +0100
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Dear Colleagues    (01)

Please be informed that, in response to numerous requests for extension of
the submission deadline the i-Semantics Steering Committee has decided  
on an extended
date for paper submissions.    (02)

For better consistency and improved synchronization among i-Semantics,  
i-Know and the AIS SigPrag International Pragmatic Web Conference the  
new deadlines are:    (03)

- Extended Paper Submission Deadline: 6 April 2009
- Notification of Acceptance: Mid of May 2009
- Submission of Camera-Ready Paper: Mid of June 2009
- i-Semantics/ICPW09/I-KNOW '09 Conference: 2-4 September 2009    (04)

http://www.pragmaticweb.info/    (05)

Kind regards,    (06)

Adrian Paschke    (07)

(On behalf of the Chairs - i-Semantics 2009 / Pragmatic Web 09)    (08)

Prof. Dr. Adrian Paschke
**********************************    (09)

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