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Re: [ontolog-forum] Ontological Means for Systems Engineering

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Date: Sat, 31 Jan 2009 06:47:50 +0700
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What I think is missing, however, is the nature of information flowing between levels of the hierarchy. I suggested a downward request and an upward response with constraints between levels.

that is because information systems until very recently are designed with linear models in mind, but I think thats changing a bit
Holonic structures are still not widely used as models of reality, maybe because of the predominance of the hierachical model?

As I understand holarachy, if a component is removed, the entire structure vanishes.

well, I seem to have read some references to the above, but I did not really spend time studying this phenomenon

to discuss this as you express it above we would have to define 'structure' and 'vanishes'. but I would definitely agree that the synergy between the component would change

this change can be zero, or exponential, and lots other possibilities in between

even if the 'observable' change is zero, or near zero, we would still have to consider if this stays constant over  a period of time (as maybe the change is not immediate, and not observable (when nothing seems to happen because we are looking at something else)

But I am definitely interested to learn more, if you find additional references

Isn't a holarchy an n-level tree? To study emergence, only three levels are needed at a time.

I ll see what i find about this if I have a moment





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