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 I do not mean, however, that they are in a hierarchy of "is-a" relations. They are in a composition relation to the whole, "part-of." The hierarchy is found in how the parts work together.


if I understand you correctly, I think you may be pointing to what in my field of work is caled 'holarchies' (as in holonic manufacture)


Computational Intelligence in Manufacturing Handbook - ผลลัพธ์ของ Google Books

โดย Jun Wang, Andrew Kusiak - 2001 - Computers - 576 หน้า
... 2-23 3 Holonic Metamorphic Architectures for Manufacturing: Identifying Holonic Structures in Multiagent Systems by Fuzzy Modeling Michaela Ulieru • Dan ...

 The interaction of these may be hard to predict, and there may be undesirable and unexpected emergent behaviors.

 as you seem to appreciate the challenges of emergence in complex systems, I wonder there are any insights in how formal languages capture and represent such emergence, as I have not yet gone that far in my research




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