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Thanks much Chris! You and John have been very helpful to me and others.    (01)

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Pat,    (03)

"Well you did ask," :-) I could say that studies show that singing to my plants 
(music, gardening and botany) helps them grow. On a more serious note I would 
like a good intro to category theory as you have defined it here pertaining to 
math: "Category theory is a branch of pure mathematics, a kind of ultimate 
abstraction of algebra, which focusses on systems ('categories') defined by 
mappings".    (04)

Rob Goldblatt's Topoi: The Categorical Analysis of 
 is a good place to start.  It's written in a friendlier style than most 
introductions.  It's focus is specifically on the application of category 
theory to logic, but it does provide a general overview of category theory.  
The book asssumes the reader already knows a good bit of mathematical logic and 
set theory.  Conceptual Mathematics: A First Introduction to 
 by Schanuel and Lawvere is often cited as a place to start, but I myself found 
this book very hard.  You might also give the Wikiversity 
 a look.    (05)

-chris    (06)

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