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Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2008 09:34:34 +0100
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1) As I previously commented, if I ask my robot grocer to give me three
red apples, I don't actually care how it "understands" what I say, my
measure of success is whether I get what I ask for. I suppose this is a
strongly behaviourist view.    (02)

2) I would rather approach the topic from a game theory perspective,
asking how does the benefit of correct understanding compare with the
cost of misunderstanding? Thus I might take the risk of getting the
wrong pizza, (risk, getting a pizza I don't like) but not of buying the
wrong aircraft part (risk, large numbers of deaths).    (03)

3) While I am not uninterested in the discussion, I must say that I am
disinterested (though I appreciate there has been some semantic drift in
recent years), and therefore don't have time to read it in the detail I
would like.    (04)

4) For me a more interesting question is what can ontologies do
reliably? and how reliably?     (05)

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