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Re: [ontolog-forum] Building on common ground

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Date: Sat, 29 Mar 2008 12:52:01 +0100
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Sorry, couldn't resist:    (01)

Pat C. wrote:
>> We are, after all, all grandmasters at the
>> use of our native tongue, and no one else's intuition is going to be
>> superior to our own.  We need hard facts.    (02)

first rule of doing linguistic work: don't trust what
native speakers claim about their own language! It's usually
an untidy mixture of heresay and unreflected language attitudes:
cf. the (in)famous wrong statements from Noam Chomsky
concerning some simple distributional facts of the
English language made against corpus data
in the late 50s/early 60s, all on the basis of
'being a native speaker'.....    (03)

So, yes, one does need hard facts when doing this kind
of work: methodologically secure ways of accessing
such facts are more tricky. So I agree, lets look
at performance in well defined
tasks, including particular applications. Talk about
anyone's intuition being superior or not to anyone
else's can then take backstage (preferably, several
blocks backstage).    (04)

>>> The current state of the COSMO ontology will generally be found at:
>> It is currently in the form of an OWL ontology, and is in a very preliminary
>> stage, still missing most of the concepts labeled by the Longman's
>> dictionary defining vocabulary.    (05)

So when its finished, that means that it will be approximating
the old SENSUS and the newer OMEGA 'ontologies'? (which do contain
a lot of Longman's, etc.) :-)    (06)

John B.    (07)

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