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From: "Christopher Spottiswoode" <cms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2008 20:00:38 +0200
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Rick, Cory,    (01)

From: <rick@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Interesting thought, Cory. Might apply this approach to a
> problem such as the one described here ?
> http://semanticweb.mitre.org/wmsl/
> Cory Casanave wrote:
>> Abduction can be particularly powerful when combined with
>> interactive reasoning processes that involve one or more
>> human actors (as well as automated actors) in the process.
>> Such reasoning is not expected to be infallible, and the
>> assumption of infallibility is limiting for many classes of
>> problems.
>> For example, most automated systems, service and process
>> integration can't be 100% reliable based on the level of
>> semantics available - so it is difficult to trust reasoning
>> systems for this job.  However, reasoning systems can
>> suggest highly useful mappings and correlations that make
>> integration more practical and effective.  With the
>> "human in the loop" and normal validation procedures
>> such "suggestions" may become trustworthy.
>> -Cory Casanave    (02)

Rick's post arrived here after I had posted my MACK "tangent"
yesterday (It's now at
but had I seen it earlier I would certainly have commended Cory
in my post.    (03)

Cory, your coupling of the "human in the loop" with trust in
reasoning systems most usefully emphasizes an absolutely key
aspect of the product legitimation/refutation process I had
referred to.    (04)

Then, Rick, your reference to Mitre's WMSL (Web Mashup Scripting
Language) is also serendipitous, as the 3rd instalment of my
"MACK basics" series (to be posted soon) has already built up to
the MACK style of mashup with its own special exploitation of
semantics, all enduser-friendly and certainly trust-enhancing.
(Cory, you may even remember that "Profound Congeniality"
anticipated by my pages on Jeff Sutherland's website from 11 and
12 years ago?!  It's most relevant here too as the ultimate in
user-friendliness.)    (05)

Far from requiring a scripting language, there will be strong
AOS-discovered prompting towards mashup-like stimulators of
human creativity, and all is of course ontology- or Form-based.
The word "mashup" is even rather redundant, as most normal
AOS-driven projections or views will tend to work that way
anyway.    (06)

The likes of WSDL or UDDI will all be cut out of the loop as
their functionality flows directly from how 'potential mashup'
components are brought into context by basic Forms in the
Democratic Web market environment which my previous post raised
again.  Since reuse is the issue, MACK's "Beyond OO" reusability
design obviously applies.  The result will typically be
immediately relevant to the user's declared and implicit needs,
systemically, with the synergy that should result from happy
juxtapositions.  (I have warned about all the clichés that
remain so applicable!)    (07)

Sorry about all those further promises still without the 
technical details, but I just couldn't resist penning that 
second curtain-raiser to my scheduled 3rd instalment.  That 
instalment will give more detailed indications of just how the 
above functionality - and much more! - will flow from some very 
plain epistemology ... and invite us all to Ride The Mainstream 
in a very radical way, even though you must wonder about the 
paradox if not contradiction in that very notion.    (08)

Christopher    (09)

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