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Dear Friends & Colleagues,
Knowledge 2008 is an ongoing R&D project aimed at mapping human knowledge and facilitating efficient information searching. The project is composed of 6 parts:
The project is based on a scientific study. Please feel free to reflect on the theoretical perspectives (see bellow) and the practical implications of the project. 
If you wish to support the project, please do so by reviewing the sections related to your fields of expertise. Needless to say that I need your support.
For more information please see a detailed overview of the project:
Overview. A systematic map of human knowledge. The knowledge map maps 500 major fields. Human knowledge is composed of 10 pillars. Each pillar is divided into relevant categories and presents the relevant field. The map is an ontology of human knowledge, rather than a classification scheme.
Unique characteristics. To better evaluate the map let us look at its unique characteristics:
1. The 10 pillar structure, which is based on the Knowledge - Supernatural - Universe - Humans model is unique.
2. The distinction between categories of the map (e.g., Theory) and fields of knowledge (e.g., Philosophy of Knowledge) is unique. 
Imagine that the Map mirrors a library. The pillars are bookcases. The categories are shelves, and the fields of knowledge are books. The Library of Human Knowledge has 10 bookcases, 100 shelves, and a collection of 500 books.
3. The Theory - Embodiment structure is unique. The map has a Theory - Embodiment structure. It is manifested within the map level, the pillar level, and the field level.
[in the map level: Pillar 1 is 'the theory' part of human knowledge (HK). It is composed of the meta-knowledge of HK. Pillars 2-10 are 'the embodiment' of HK. They are composed of our knowledge on the explored phenomena (the supernatural, the universe, the living world, and humans. In the pillar level: Each pillar has 'a theory' category. In the field level: Each field has 'a theory' sub-field (e.g., Philosophy of Medicine, Literary Theory, Philosophy of Art)  
4. The categories of the map were formulated in this research.   
Overview. A systematic portal to top quality resources. Currently, the portal includes hundreds links to top resources in all fields of knowledge.
Rationale.  Following Bradford's law (1934) it is assumed that for every field there are core resources that include the core knowledge of the field. The portal will include links to the core  resources in all the major fields.
Overview. A systematic user interface of Internet search engines. It is designed to facilitate an efficient information searching. Currently, it is implemented for Google search engine.
Rationale. Search words are essential for formulating effective search queries. Unfortunately, most searchers are not familiar with the relevant search terms. It is assumed that in every field there are main keywords that relate to the core knowledge of the field. The idea is to develop a systematic user interface that presents the main keywords in the major fields of knowledge.
Overview. A systematic portal to the Wikipedia Encyclopedia. The portal implements the knowledge map for facilitating systematic access to Wikipedia's encyclopedic articles.
Rationale. Wikipedia is a general encyclopedia. It is free and popular. Undoubtedly, Wikipedia is a significant international, intercultural, and interdisciplinary project despite the poor quality of many articles. Note that the map can be implemented in other encyclopedias. 
A concise overview of the knowledge map.
An academic and professional forum (via email) on the theoretical and practical aspects of the project.
Looking forward to your response. Thanks.
Chaim Zins
Chaim Zins, PhD.
Knowledge Mapping Research
26 Hahaganah St, Jerusalem 97852, Israel;
Tel/Fax: 972-2-5816705
Email: chaim.zins@xxxxxxxxx
Homepage: www.success.co.il
Knowledge 2006: Map of Human Knowledge

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