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Re: [ontolog-forum] Axiomatic ontology

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Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2008 12:31:28 +0800
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Ravi,    (01)

I think you are saying our minds, exemplified by mathematics, are not
limited by the physical world. That may be, but mathematics has its
own limitations, and they bear an interesting relationship to
limitations in general cognition, physical laws etc.    (02)

Have you read anything of Chaitin's Omega?    (03)

-Rob    (04)

On Feb 8, 2008 11:33 AM, Sharma, Ravi <Ravi.Sharma@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Rob
> If it were pure math (they can afford to neglect current information or
> data i.e. devoid of compulsion for conforming to observation), it can
> postulate infinite accuracy for position and momentum simultaneously and
> not obey today's physical laws?
> But how will they then relate to reality? In life sciences and cognitive
> sciences they still can! In that case they are only bound by speed of
> mind (Thought) and not of Photon (light). As I write this message, I
> have cognitively (conceptually) traversed across universe and returned
> but in he same period the photon has not even traveled half way to the
> Sun.
> Without such freedom to axiomatic ontology practitioners (and
> mathematicians and logic experts), we physicists could not take refuge
> in the wonderful Riemannian formalism for relativity, Set theory and
> Group theory, Graphs and Hilbert Space for Quantum phenomena or MHD
> (CFD) solutions for turbulent plasmas or in complex numbers required in
> quantum field theories.
> Mathematics is not necessarily constrained by Information density.
> Physics is (as even NSA is) bound by conveyance or transfer of
> information, whether through quantum, bioinformatics, other finite media
> whether photon, lasers, etc, or through use of so called
> less-intelligent life species! Even butterflies and birds navigate
> beyond us, dogs can hear better etc.
> "Information density in mind" (or cognitive versus physical systems
> based) could perhaps be considered a "good Thread to pursue".
> Let me quote from Sanskrit again:
> "That mind of ours (poor but approximate translation for "Manas") which
> wanders when awake, and so in sleep, and which travels faster than that
> the fastest of lights, should have noble (auspicious) thoughts!"
> Neurons still allow us to beat at least sequential decisions by apply
> our experience and neural networks, these perhaps can be further
> strengthened by collaborative synergies such as Ontology CoP?
> Thanks.
> Ravi    (05)

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