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From: Pat Hayes <phayes@xxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2008 14:04:18 -0600
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At 5:51 PM +0000 1/24/08, <matthew.west@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>Dear Pat,
>I think you are misunderstanding Paola's real point.
>>  At 4:35 PM +0700 1/24/08, paola.dimaio@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
>>  >RANT/
>>  >The important role of speculative enquiry is accepted to some extent,
>>  >but a lot of effort imho is spent on research (done with
>>  public money)
>>  >that is not useful (enough) nor applied , or  only benefits the
>>  >researchers and their private clients.
>>  >Research funded with public money should benefit the public at large
>MW: What I take from this, with some inside knowledge of how EC
>funding sometimes seems to work, is that at least some EC funded
>research projects seem to do little more than support organizations that
>appear to be set up to exploit the opportunities to gain EC research
>funding.    (01)

Of course. This happens everywhere. But those 
organizations have people in them, and its the 
people who do the research. I don't really give a 
damn about the nature of the organization: that 
is just people playing at being managers in any 
case.    (02)

>There being little useful research, and what there is, not
>being publicly available.    (03)

That is a different issue. I'm surprised that the 
EC doesn't make open publication mandatory for 
supported 'pure' research, in fact: even the 
military and intelligence agencies do over here.    (04)

>  Whilst this is supposed to be OK because
>it provides seedcorn for small and start-up type companies, there are
>notably few companies that have really "made it" with an EC funded
>start.    (05)

Im not interested in seeding companies. We were 
talking about research, not companies.    (06)

>  >
>>  Bullshit. This is like the standard American right-wing fantasy that
>>  the government is "spending our money". The purpose of research is to
>>  investigate new areas of knowledge. The benefits, if any, to this
>>  mythical entity called "the public at large" may or may not accrue
>>  downstream, but to demand immediate 'relevance' (to what, exactly?)
>>  is to cripple research. Experience suggests that it is worth
>>  investing a substantial fraction of a group's or society's available
>>  effort into pure research, undertaken for no other reason than to
>>  find something out. For technology companies, the ideal fraction
>>  seems to be about 20%, for example (Xerox, Google, HP); for a nation
>>  Im not sure of the appropriate figure, but right now the USA is way
>>  below par, and its economy is suffering in large part because of that.
>MW: And I suspect both Paola and I would agree, especially if the
>results of the research were publicly available - where they had been
>publicly funded.
>MW: As an aside, I have noticed that often the best research is
>slightly underfunded. This forces collaboration and invention. Large
>research projects with large budgets only guarantee to spend the
>budget.    (07)

Hmm. Tell that to the physicists or the astronomers.    (08)

OK, no more political ranting from me on this forum.    (09)

Pat    (010)

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