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Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2008 10:10:06 +0700
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>>PH : Bullshit    (01)

I can see when you wake up on the wrong foot Pat.
 I am not sure if I prefer that to the good old 'pfui'.    (02)

>The purpose of research is to
> investigate new areas of knowledge.    (03)

yes, and there are many ways that can be done. unfortunately its not always done
in the public interest. some knowledge is deliberatelly delayed even,
not to spoil the
market cycles of certain investments.  check who is running the
markets, who is pulling the strings.not the researchers.    (04)

if you walked out of the research lab and into the board room a bit more,
you may have an appreciation of the fact that research(r&d) for the
purpose of the economy
comes under the overall business investiment. there are long term
strategies attached.    (05)

>>>I'm surprised that the
>>>EC doesn't make open publication mandatory for
>>>supported 'pure' research,    (06)

yes, that's the issue!.nothing of the sort.
I guess they are pushing for international competitiveness, and the IP
policies worldwide are very controversial. EC resolves that with
'dissemination', a few papers and the occasional
inter nos seminars is what is expected on most accounts. its a real drama.    (07)

thanks MW and Wacek for supporting the case    (08)

PDM    (09)

>The benefits, if any, to this
> mythical entity called "the public at large" may or may not accrue
> downstream, but to demand immediate 'relevance' (to what, exactly?)
> is to cripple research.
a lot of research never sees the daylight, there are tons of examples    (010)

Experience suggests that it is worth
> investing a substantial fraction of a group's or society's available
> effort into pure research, undertaken for no other reason than to
> find something out. For technology companies, the ideal fraction
> seems to be about 20%, for example (Xerox, Google, HP); for a nation
> Im not sure of the appropriate figure, but right now the USA is way
> below par, and its economy is suffering in large part because of that.
> Pat
> >/RANT
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