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Re: [ontolog-forum] Time representation

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Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2008 22:39:38 +0700
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> As I use it, the first argument of PTim is some physical event
> or situation, and the second argument is some time specification.
> Since I assume that time "points" can never be observed or
> specified as true points, there is always an implicit granularity.    (01)

so true. I mean, about the relativity of time, i guess one would have to specify
is it server time, or user time or greenwiwh, sideral time or what.
where is the  'ontology of time' to serve as reference for the  PTim    (02)

> Therefore, the second argument could be any of the following,
> each of which has a default granularity determined by the least
> significant digit of the specification:
>     [Date: "21 January 2008"] -- granularity of 1 day
>     [Time: "21 January 2008, 14:03"] -- granularity, 1 minute
>     [Time: "21 January 2008, 14:03:16.217"] -- granularity, 1 ms
good enough to know - thanks  a lot    (03)

p    (04)

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