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Re: [ontolog-forum] Interesting Category - Chindogu

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Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2008 10:13:51 -0600
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At 3:17 PM -0600 1/14/08, David Whitten wrote:
>There is an article at http://pingmag.jp/2008/01/11/chindougu/
>about Chindogu. (also see:   http://www.chindogu.net/)
>The creator of the category (Kenji Kawakami of the
>Chindogu Society of Japan) shares his design criteria
>for these objects:
>Chindogu Ten Commandments
># 1 A chindogu must not actually be used
># 2 It must have some function.
># 3 It must have an anarchic element.
># 4 It must be a tool for everyday life.
># 5 It must not actually be put on the market.
># 6 It must not be only for the purpose of humor.
># 7 It must not be for black humor.
># 8 "Dirty" jokes are forbidden.
># 9 It must not be for profit.
>#10 It must be usable internationally.
>This strikes me as a category that could appear in an ontology.    (01)

Really? Why? An ontology of what? And even if you are right, wouldn't 
it make more sense to focus for a while on more down-to-earth 
examples that would be some actual use?    (02)

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