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On 1/3/08 2:23 AM, "Pat Hayes" <phayes@xxxxxxx> wrote:    (02)

>> MW: Equally, Duane seems to be talking as much about an approach to
>> analysis as anything else, with a handy check-list of "contexts" to
>> make sure you have not left something out.
> I havnt checked the details yet, but it sounds
> like the big plus is similar to the reason Cyc
> likes to use contexts: so one can use the same
> word to have a 'family' of distinct but related
> meanings and use machinery to select or compose
> the appropriate one automagically, rather than
> having to remember them all explicitly. This is a
> good point, but its really to do with the design
> of human interfaces rather than the basic logic
> itself.    (03)

DN: true in the UN/CEFACT Context definition.  It is 100% design phase work
as part of UMM (UN/CEFACT Modeling Methodology).    (04)

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