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Date: Wed, 02 Jan 2008 01:40:03 -0500
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Chris and Paola,    (01)

As I said in an earlier note, terminological clashes are
inevitable when words from different traditions are mixed.    (02)

The Latin word 'praedicatum' was a translation of Aristotle's
word 'kategoria' (which had been used for an accusation in
a court of law).  Both words had the sense of some word or
phrase that is said of something.    (03)

CM> the predicate is the word "creator"    (04)

PDM> shrieeekkk, what?, surprise, despair, bewilderment, incredulity    (05)

The word 'predicate' in symbolic logic is derived from the sense
of some description or accusation said of something.  But the same
word has been used in linguistics in the more specialized sense
of the verb phrase saying something about the subject.    (06)

But there is indeed a commonality that was recognized by
Aristotle and the Scholastics.  Leibniz made the point:    (07)

    Praedicatum inesse subjecto verae propositionis.    (08)

Or in English,    (09)

    The predicate is present in the subject of a true proposition.    (010)

For example, in the true sentence    (011)

     "Yojo is a black cat"    (012)

all the properties implied by 'black cat' are present in Yojo.    (013)

Words change their meanings over time, and such clashes happen.
In Italian, for example, the word 'investimento' means both
financial investment and traffic accident.  And both of those
meanings evolved from the original meaning of putting on clothing.    (014)

John    (015)

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