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To: Avril Styrman <Avril.Styrman@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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From: Ingvar Johansson <ingvar.johansson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 11 Nov 2007 14:47:13 +0100
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Avril Styrman schrieb:
> Ingvar wrote:
>> 2. Armstrong thinks that there are no determinables, only determinates; 
>> I think both are needed in order to make sense of mathematical physics. 
>> That is, determinates (quantity values) exist only as 
>> determinates-of-a-determinable (determinable = quantity dimension).
> And this partly overlaps with your first point.     (01)

No, the problem (i) whether it is possible to reduce determinable 
properties to determinate properties is (at least to my mind) quite 
distinct from the problem (ii) whether it is possible to reduce 
substance universals to property universals. Neither is it identical 
with (iii) the problem below of how to individuate instances of property 
determinates. Any reduction of determinable properties (such as length,  
mass, and electric charge) to determinate properties (such as 2.03 m 
long, 5.67 kg mass, and 7.12 coulomb electric charge) must be able to 
explain why it makes sense to add determinate lengths (or masses, or 
electric charges)  to each other, and why it does not make sense to add 
determinates of different determinables (quantity dimensions) to each 
other. Examples: 2.03 m + 5.67 m + 7.12 m = 14.82 m; 2.03 kg + 5.67 kg + 
7.12 kg = 14.82 kg; and 2.03 c + 5.67 c + 7.12 c = 14.82 c. But: 2.03 m 
+ 5.67 kg + 7.12 c = 14.82 ???    (02)

> The problems with e.g. an
> absolutely determinate shade of red are clear. Consider that you have a red
> car. The door of the car is red, but still there must be some variation,
>       (03)

Yes, but it must be a variation of the same determinable: *perceived* 
color (which should be kept distinct from color in the sense of 
frequency of electromagnetic radiation).    (04)

> even though very little, in the shades of red of different parts of the
> door. Just how small can be the smallest possible coloured part?    (05)

As small as the smallest colored part that you are able to perceive, I 
would say.    (06)

Ingvar    (07)

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