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Dear Paola,    (01)

> a triple is subject predicate object, s what would you have as a
> fourth dimension in a quad?
> it's going to take some thinking...    (02)

MW: The use I have seen for the extra place in the tuple is to 
provide an identifier for the tuple that can be used to refer to
the tuple as a whole in another tuple.    (03)

MW: This is not a problem with languages like Common Logic, because
if you want to refer to the tuple in another statement, then you
just repeat the tuple (it is its own identity). However in a
database with a fixed structure, you do not have that luxury.    (04)

MW: N-ary relations can be reformulated by reifying elements to fit
into this structure. This gives great flexibility in what can be
said by a fixed structure, although it is probably not the most 
efficient use of a relational database.    (05)

Regards    (06)

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