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Re: [ontolog-forum] Current Semantic Web Layer pizza (was ckae)

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>>  >John
>>  >
>>  >   Thanks for your patience. My view, more precisely, is
>>  that anything
>>  >called semantics must be grounded in pragmatics to make sense.
>>  BUt that is clearly wrong, since there are semantic theories
>>  of wide application which do not refer to pragmatics. I think
>>  you state your case too strongly.
>>  >If semantics has a use, it is in creating systems of terms, and
>>  >structuring their differentia.
>>  ? No, it is is specifying the meanings of formal expressions.
>The problem I have that I can't see "the meaning of formal expressions"
>stops being a circular definition until one agrees what effect they have
>- or at least, when one does something in the world as a consequence of
>these formal expressions.    (01)

Well, wait a second. Of course you are entitled to take the view that 
only the pragmatic consequences really matter (to you), but again you 
overstate your case. To accuse the entirety of formal semantic theory 
for the last 60 years as being 'circular', only exhibits your 
ignorance, I am afraid. It may be of little interest to a hard-nosed 
manager, but its certainly not *circular*.    (02)

>It is interesting (intellectually) to know
>that 1 + 1 = 0, but it
>is of practical consequence when I turn lights on and off.    (03)

Nice example. If your light controller uses any kind of digital 
circuitry, then it matters a lot that 1+1 mod 2 =0 in binary. It 
mattered to the designers of the chips, and if the controller is 
anything much more than a switch then it probably mattered to the 
programmer of the ROM code. You only get the practical consequences 
you want when the system is using its internal formalisms coherently 
with their intended semantics. Arithmetic might seem like rather 
piffling semantics, but an even more piffling semantic error made 
NASA miss Mars not long ago.    (04)

Pat    (05)

>Sean Barker
>Bristol, UK
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