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Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2007 09:02:13 -0400
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DM = Deborah MacPherson
JA = Jon Awbrey    (02)

Re: http://ontolog.cim3.net/forum/ontolog-forum/2007-08/msg00330.html    (03)

DM: But Azamat and others on the side of perfection --
    you have to start somewhere.  Designing public
    semantic space and information exchange on the
    Internet is the largest most comprehensive
    Design-Build project in human history.    (04)

DM: The perfect conceptualization, presentation scheme,
    and data processing technique may never be one sound
    set of construction documents or umbrella ontology --
    ready for release and use across all boundaries with
    no errors, omissions, and incomplete references.    (05)

DM: Different objectives and beliefs need to have the
    opportunity to expose and combat each other as a
    matter of public record -- which is missing -- but
    regardless, waiting for universal truths to become
    self evident stands in the way of progress.    (06)

DM: The blanks can't start to be filled in and errors corrected
    to create bigger, more accurate pictures without starting
    somewhere even if critical portions of the work are flawed.
    I believe John was right with his three principles, including
    Chris Menzel and Kathryn Laskey comments -- with the exception
    John's three nonemotional points pertain to many forms of idea
    and information exchange, not just science and not just ontology
    design.  Science and ontology design are in the awkward position
    of practicing due diligence and trying ones best while discordant
    beliefs are swirling all around, colliding head on, wrecking
    everything now and then.    (07)

JA: I'm a pragmatist, not a perfectionist, and I started somewhere sometime ago.
    Looking back, most of my efforts have been wasted on account of a particular
    phenomenon -- that people just keep starting over with a brand new slate but
    without taking the trouble to read what was writ on the old one.    (08)

JA: That's the short of it -- I'll get to the long of it later in the day.    (09)

Deborah,    (010)

Through the (19)90s, Awbrey & Awbrey did a lot of thinking
and a little bit of writing on critical reflective inquiry,
learning organizations, and the scholarship of integration,
along with the questions of how the evernew media might be
able to catalyze such efforts to new heights of metabolism.    (011)

Cf: http://home.m04.itscom.net/hhomey/tmp-a.html
Cf: http://www.chss.montclair.edu/inquiry/fall95/awbrey.html    (012)

Well, I probably don't have to tell you what we discovered --
The new flesh can do nothing that the preveiling spirit is
not willing to do.  The meat's fresh, but the vodka's blah --
to turn an old joke on its head.    (013)

So we did what all good pragmatists do when there's a block
in the way of inquiry -- we shifted our inquiry to the task
of trying to uncover the nature and the origin of the block.    (014)

Cf: http://www.cspeirce.com/menu/library/aboutcsp/awbrey/integrat.htm
Cf: http://org.sagepub.com/cgi/content/abstract/8/2/269    (015)

That about finished that millennium as far "the vision thing" went.
If I were to sum up the lessons of a lifetime in the fewest number
of bytes -- well, there I'll need to break a while and think about
the matter some more ...    (016)

Jon Awbrey    (017)

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