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Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2007 23:58:24 -0400
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This is all true, well enough, but it always helps me to realize
that some people I know (logicians, model theorists) use "model"
to mean anything that satisfies a theory, whether it be a formal
construct that we make out of sticks and strings or another sort
of thing in the world, while other people I know (engineers and
applied mathemticians) use "model" to mean an analogue model or
the target of a morphismin, in semiotic terms, an icon of the
object being modeled.  These senses of the word are not the
same but they are perfectly compatible.    (03)

Taking all that into account, it still makes sense to say that
a theory is "true of" the syntactic constructs that the model
theorist constructs and also "true of" other sorts of things
in the world.  The theory picks out only those properties
that the object and its icon share, which sharing is
just what makes the icon an icon of its object.    (04)

Jon Awbrey    (05)

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