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Re: [ontolog-forum] confused and confounded models

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As Jon says I think that it is about both and I would add that a validated 
model plays
a role in assuring that we can believe that captures some realithy of the cells.    (01)

I also agree with the way that John spoke about "every science " having "data, 
theories, paradigms, models, methodologies, and vocabulary...developed 
together." I may be thinking of all of these together when I write a statement 
in a textbook or article.    (02)

"No substantial part of the universe can be grasped without abstraction. 
Abstraction consists of replacing the part of the universe under consideration 
by a model of similar but simpler structure." ROSENBLUETH A and WIENER, N. 
1945. The role of models in science. Philosophy of Science, 12: 316-321.     (03)

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BS: If we have a sentence in a biology textbook, say "blood cells are 
then is this about cells in reality (as I, and I guess common sense, would 
or about cells in the biology model?    (011)

If by "about" we mean something like "applies to" or "true of",
is there any harm in saying that the sentences are about both?    (012)

Jon Awbrey    (013)


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