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Date: Tue, 03 Jul 2007 22:41:25 +0200
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Azamat wrote:
> If we pretend talking ontologies here, then there must be some general 
> knowing of the taxonomy of natural languages.
> Finnish, or Suomi, is not a Nordic language, but it comes from the 
> Baltic-Finnic, descending from Uralic-Altaic, the indigenous languages of 
> Russia. Nordic, or Scandinavian, or Norse, or North Germanic language comes 
> from Indo-European language and covers Icelandic, Swedish, Norwegean, 
> Dannish, plus Faroese.    (01)

Azamat,    (02)

Oddysey was not written by Homer, but by another poet of the same name.    (03)

You are right in that Finnish comes from Uralic-Altaic, and not from 
Indo-Europen.  It is not Scandinavian.  But 'Nordic' may be be given 
different meanings;  under the one you give it -- descendant from Norse 
-- Finnish is not Nordic.    (04)

On the other hand, 'Nordic' means -- and this is what I referred to -- 
northerly, located in Northern Europe.  Nordic countries, by convention, 
are  the Scandinavian ones plus Finland.  In this sense of 'Nordic', 
Finnish is Nordic -- it is the official language of one of the Nordic 
countries.    (05)

The Nordic Language Convention [1], for example, includes four 
Scandinavian languages (excluding Faroese) as well as Finnish in the 
Nordic languages.    (06)

Interestingly, (perhaps not for ontologists) some claim that the name 
'Russia' comes from a norse word, used to speak about the Nordic 
invaders (Varangians) who came from what now is part of Sweden to what 
is now parts of Russia, Ukraine, etc. during the Viking Age -- rather 
than from some genuinely Slavic word.  (By no means the only theory of 
the origins of the name.)    (07)

vQ    (08)

[1] http://www.norden.org/webb/news/news.asp?id=6777&lang=6    (09)

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