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Re: [ontolog-forum] Probabilistic Ontologies

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Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2007 10:08:56 +0100
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Sean Barker
Bristol, UK    (02)

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> Barker, Sean (UK) wrote:
> > Waclaw
> > 
> >     From the point of view of practical mathematics, 
> probability over 
> > continuous distributions is defined through probability density 
> > functions, with the probability for any interval being the 
> integral of 
> > the pdf over that interval. If you reduce the interval to 
> zero, then 
> > the probability goes to zero. No problem there.
> Depends on what you mean by 'reduce to zero'.  There is the 
> empty interval, and infinitely many singleton intervals 
> [x,x].  For the empty interval, obviously P(X = x | x in the 
> empty interval) = 0.  For any singleton interval, it is not 
> that obvious to me that P(X = x) = 0 for some x for which the 
> 'reduced to zero' interval [x,x] is considered.    (04)

Reduce to 0: for any sequence of intervals In = [xn, yn], xn, yn in
Reals, xn < yn, for arbitrary epsilon > 0, there exists N such that for
all n > N (yn - xn) < epsilon.    (05)

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