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Date: Sun, 6 May 2007 21:05:13 +0100
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As new comer to IT Ontology (but not to Cybernetics and IT) I draw your 
attention to
some foundational work done on a dynamic protolanguage (Lp) by the late 
Gordon Pask
which I interpret as follows:    (01)

Assume eternal spin processes produce finite bounded products. This 
satisfies a need
for a wave mechanical basis. See the productions as establishing relations 
derivations. Thereafter establish the necessary conditions for the 
production of a
product, description or coherence or, indeed, entity.    (02)

This came out of Pask's "Interactions of Actors" (IA) work and developed 
from his
Conversation Theory (CT) supported by entailment meshes. Concept maps are 
but in CT there are strict interpretations of analogy, ambiguity etc. and 
transfer of meaningful information. Key is the liberal definition of concept 
as a
recursively packed persisting spin process in ANY medium. Strictly, he says,
concepts are not a set of things but a procedure for producing a relation. 
things/entities interact and are dynamic (kinetic not kinematic).    (03)

The potential axioms are introduced at
They lay the ground rules for a protolanguage. In the note hierarchical 
prunings of
the protolanguage entailment process graph are presented as a hierarchy of 
driven management (or control) metalanguages from Beer's Viable System Model
which might be characterised as a semilattice of time constants.    (04)

There is also a suggestion for disambiguating the classification problem 
both at
both the Gedanken and practical level with spin spectra.    (05)

Some of this is counter intuitive at first - but that's what makes it worth 
Agreement is necessary about the significance of similarities and difference 
Beer's Viable Systems Model provides a procedure for monitoring differences
from expectation of the performance of the underlying Lp processes. The work
has come out studies of the problem of self organization (Pask) or autonomy
(Beer).    (06)

Thus we begin, I hope, to suggest elements that might aid production of a
rigorous "common basis" applicable to productions in all domains.    (07)

Nick Green FCybS    (08)

Cybernetics Society     (09)

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