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Re: [ontolog-forum] Ontological Assumptions of FOL

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Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2007 15:43:22 -0400
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> >
> > If you can represent it as a set, then it is a set.
> >
> >> That doesn't mean the universe "is" a set.  To say that something can
> >> be represented as a set for purposes of defining truth-values of
> >> sentences is a very different thing from saying it IS a set.
> >>
> >
> > I disagree. I think these are exactly the same
> > thing to say. To say that a collection is a set
> > is to say nothing about it at all.
> >
>In many philosophical contexts it is important to keep *sets* (abstract
>non-temporal entities)
>[Chris Partridge] I believe David Lewis (In Plurarity of Worlds) rails
>against this interpretation. He sees sets (especially small finite sets
>whose members are not scattered) as clearly concrete, with an obvious
>spatio-temporal location. Can I put that on people's reading lists :-).    (01)

Lewis's book Parts of Classes does indeed draw set theory and 
mereology closer together, in a beautiful way -- but he does not 
think that sets are concrete -- nor that they are 'clearly' anything; 
on the contrary he insists that they are a great mystery.    (02)

The parts of the class {Chris Menzel, Pat Hayes} include: {Chris 
Menzel} and {Pat Hayes}. The parts of Chris Menzel include his 
molecules. Chris Menzel is not a part, but rather an element of 
{Chris Menzel}. The former is concrete. The latter is, well, anybody's guess.
BS    (03)

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