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Re: [ontolog-forum] Ontological Assumptions of FOL

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On 3/17/07 7:10 PM, "paola.dimaio@xxxxxxxxx" <paola.dimaio@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:    (01)

> . When people start
> failing to see the idifference between a real object and their
> representation, and all the consequences and implication this
> distinction imposes, I wouls say that they have lost their ability to
> make a judgement about anything.    (02)

+1 to that.  I also see people who apply their own perception as the one
universal truth of a matter.  There are many instances where things are
contrary based on scientific, cultural or other misperceptions.  Where I
come from, we consider a tomato a vegetable.  Scientifically it is a fruit.    (03)

Of course the Germans are the biggest perpetuators of radical discourse from
scientific logic in the animal kingdom.  A turtle is classified as a
"shieldkrote" literally meaning a toad that somehow acquired a shield.  A
hippo is deemed a "nielpferd" (a horse that swims in the Nile) and a raccoon
is a "waschbehr"  (a bear that washes itself).  All of these terms are first
class instances where someone's perception flies in the face of scientific
classifications of species.   The representation terms are of course cleanly
decoupled from the class however I find it very amusing to note the system.
With this type of classification system, I am surprised that the Germans do
not call a bumblebees "Kleinefliegelbehren) (A small flying bear).    (04)

BTW - I am allowed to make fun of the German language, having earned the
right by learning to speak it and marrying into the country ;-)    (05)

Point is that there are inconsistencies as I think we all note.  I am glad
that the people on this list have a firm recognition of this.  Without such,
I would tend to dismiss ontology research as a flawed exercise in
psychology.    (06)

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