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Date: Thu, 8 Mar 2007 13:58:02 -0600
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>Thanks for the examples regarding the 
>Slashdot.org tagging experiment, Duane.  Would 
>you please supply a link to where the experiment 
>is being conducted?  I went to Slashdot.org but 
>couldn't find the particular article/tagging 
>However, with the examples of the tags that 
>you've presented-- ³stupid², ³idiots², ³ROTFL² 
>etc--my question is: What value do these 
>particular tags have?    (01)

Why should their value be different from that of 
any other tags? Do you presume that there is a 
notion of a 'tasteful tag', and that tags which 
exhibit tastelessness should be treated as 
second-class?    (02)

>  They're reactionary, it seems, and, unless the 
>article is about idiocy, laughter, floors, etc., 
>they tell me nothing about the article except 
>how someone, a someone of, perhaps, very dubious 
>standing,    (03)

Why should there be any correlation between 
'standing' and a particular tag usage?    (04)

>  reacted to them.  Such term could be used, 
>maybe, for ranking, I suppose, but how does a 
>"community" of any kind really get value from 
>them?    (05)

Yes, at least if I am in the community.    (06)

Pat Hayes    (07)

>  Please advise.
>    (08)

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