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Keith wrote: “However, with the examples of the tags that you've presented-- “stupid”, “idiots”, “ROTFL” etc--my question is: What value do these particular tags have?  They're reactionary, it seems, and, unless the article is about idiocy, laughter, floors, etc., they tell me nothing about the article except how someone, a someone of, perhaps, very dubious standing, reacted to them.  Such term could be used, maybe, for ranking, I suppose, but how does a "community" of any kind really get value from them?  Please advise.”

(DN) And your statement makes the case that the tags used by some are not the tags used by others.  This would logically have to include tags that might be used by conventional ontologists (we of course are unconventional because we are post-neo-AI ontologists on Peter Yim’s forum – LOL ;-)

To you, these tags are made by reactionary slashdotters in dubious standing and have no intrinsic value to you (you should note that most slashdotters are reactionaries in dubious standing by their own admissions).  Despite this, there are several patterns of tagging that have emerged and some feel the tags are very accurate.  For example, someone looking for a good laugh might search on the tag “ROTFL” to find an article about using hydrogen to power automobiles.  For someone with physics knowledge of the first law of energy, such an idea truly is ludicrous and funny and shows only how some public speakers do not comprehend the facts of energy conversion.  For them, it is tagged properly. For someone who does not understand the first laws of physics, they might assume that the tag is errant since they might be under some false illusion that using hydrogen gas to store energy is a useful and efficient thing to do (clearly it is not).

In any event, the danger of a small group making declarations on representation terms for certain resources is that they fail to comprehend the way others might think of the resource.  In these cases, I think that folksonomies provide a great way for sampling a larger set of how society might label something.  If the data collected from a folksonomy can be turned into a thesaurus, that would probably make a much better knowledge sharing mechanism.  I think that Folksonomies are going to play an important role in ontology research in the future. I guess I am leaving to one side of the fence now.


Go to the main page at http://slashdot.org/

Look at the stories – there is one today called RFID “Passports Cloned Without Opening the Package”.  Right below the paragraph is the tagging beta. This story includes the tags “security, technology, haha” (if you cannot find it just ctrl (cmd) F it).

If you want to see what other stories are tagged with “haha”, just click on it and it will take you to this page:


Where you can see other stories tagged with the same representation term.  Some of them are:

- MSN Music Purchases Not Compatible with Zune
- MS Promotion Site Flagged By MS Anti-Phishing
- Zune Not Compatible With Windows Vista
- Vista DRM Cracked by Security Researcher
- Sony and Universal Prohibit Sharing Via Zune
 (yes – it is somewhat anti MS)

These stores do have a “haha” factor to them IMO but your actual mileage might vary.


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