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LexGrid and family come close (informatics.mayo.edu) though one has to map the ontology model to the LexGrid model to define a loader.  Many “standard” models such as OWL are already mapped and loaders provided; the most mature member of the family is LexBIG (for caBIG, the NIH/NCI cancer Bioinformatics Grid – not our name).  The emphasis is upon API tooling and terminology services access, thought the editor (not fully finished) permits browsing as does many simple Eclipse set-ups based upon the services.  Open source, open specification, Eclipse license.




The NCBO (National Center for Biomedical Ontology) has a gorgeous browser, incidentally built on LexGrid tools.  They plan to make this source available and locally installable; I don’t think that code dump is ready.







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Is there any generic ontology browser which can load any ontology and allow us to browse through? any project going on? Or is it that browser depends on the ontology itself and cant be independent of ontology?

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