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Date: Thu, 1 Feb 2007 10:17:28 +0700
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Hi Rex
thanks a lot for comments    (01)

I need to add a clarification:    (02)

> 1. She is not a native English speaker, and English is a devilishly
> complex mix of Romance and Teutonic languages, so this factor is
> largely linguistic    (03)

May I ask where do you get your facts from? English is in fact my main language!
I am interested to hear that it doesnt sound so. Although I am fluent
in Spanish and German,and I was brought up in Italy as a child  and
now live in Asia learning mandarin
admittedly  may contribute to my excessive linguistic hybridization.
I would not be able to write about my given subjects in any other
language, and generally manage to put my point across. I am sorry that
you think there is a comunication problem
and if I somethimes fall short    (04)

 Interestingly however that perfectly clear and grammatically correct
Global English - a language that is emerging from the influence of
different cultures and languages that follows the lexical conventions
- is perceived by americans and english (not just you Rex)
as'non standard'.  I dont think that great authors and poets use
standard language either.
I think we have an issue to solve there.....    (05)

> 2. Her commentary is somewhat more sociological rather than academic
> or strictly logical, so this factor requires more careful
> examination, including what Pat has already contributed.    (06)

Not sure Rex, I admittedly work under pressure, so I may not always be
as careful
or clear as I should/could  and I like to make up some expressions and
words (have literary backgrouns)- however in my exchange with Pat I
feel that
- my initial draft is intended as guidelines for requirements in
software and systems development. so the discussion is not intended to
be sociological, but technical
based open source paradigms. collaborative and modular ontologies are
being studied/proposed, so I am not saying nothing new, although it
may sound new to those who are not keeping up with developments in
this area. Somehow I assume that
people on this forums are experts, and people who 'write standards'
are uptodate with the state of the art in ontology engineering. I
know, its easy to get buried in one own's work, but its important
these days of rapid changes to keep up with whats happening around us
othewise we become cut off, and our work will be obsolete before it's pubished    (07)

- I inferred from Pat's comments that he is out of the loop on what's
happening, or maybe simply has a different background/stance that
prevent him from seeing the reality that  I am trying to
portray/address with my notes, but again, maybe I have not been
exaustive, nor sufficiently clear, and people who come from a
different completely point of view and perspective are just another
fact of life, and I'll have to deal with that    (08)

at the moment though, the priority is to start connecting with the
people and projects where
no further words are necessary, cause that's where the effort is
likely to be more effective    (09)

I do owe sending out the references though, for completeness    (010)

thanks for the exchage anyway
PDM    (011)

> Since I am at this, I may as well confess my own favorite hobbyhorse:
> semantic analysis based on a combination of linguistic analysis with
> sound epistemology and operations research should provide two very
> necessary tools for our collective conceptual armamentarium:    (012)

rex, that sounds *weird* but interesting    (013)

> I suspect that an open ontology development environment with rigorous
> constraints would aid this effort immeasurably.
good    (014)

> Long term, I am hoping to provide this toolset to the domains of
> emergency management and health informatics.    (015)

I suspect that you'll have to do this with others, otherwise you are
creating a closed
world and your produce may not work in an open world environment    (016)

Paola    (017)

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