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Date: Mon, 7 Aug 2006 11:04:55 -0400
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This may be a place to start:

especially since this is easy to "translate" to-from many calendar / event software tools. Some tools can also use ical elements within RSS feeds.

The usual cautions apply as to the ability of RDF to model everything and nothing. There should be some middle ground between the "bag of post-it's" approach and too-restrictive relational calendar schemas. Ical is certainly in the middle somewhere.


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On Aug 7, 2006, at 10:54 AM, Peter Yim wrote:

Thank you, Evan & Denise. Yes, yes, yes ... indeed!

We want both the ability to leverage the meta-data, ... also and
continue to provide the ease of use ("contribution" by anyone and
everyone, easily, if they want to).

Max Voelkel made a post at the OntologizingOntolog page
on 2006.07.24 referring us to the SemWiki2006 work.  Max Voekel is
from York Sure's team at
University of Karlsruhe, Germany. As announced earlier, York will be
speaking ot the Ontolog Forum on 8/17/2006 (ref:
I'm positive that it is going to be a very interesting session. We can
explore the various alternatives further then.

Regards.  =ppy


Good suggestion.  I think we also need to include the event information in
our Taxo-Thesaurus content coverage.  My apologies to the group for having
to be 'off line' for the last week on that project.  Perhaps it is time to
begin discussing how we will manage the Taxo-Thesaurus generated metadata.
RDF is a logical option.

Best regards,


On the way home the other day, I had an alternative thought about the
Events calendar.  It is a "What if..." sort of a wish rather than a

Suppose this information were kept as RDF data.  It could be maintained
as a set of triples containing all the event data without concern for
order or presentation.  Then different pages could simply provide
different views of this data, presenting only the data meeting some
criteria and ordering and formatting that data as appropriate for the
view.  I'm not sure what advantages RDF would bring vs a relational DB
and SQL for this sort of approach, but it is closer to "eating our own
dog food" and is designed specifically for web use.

Just a bit of in car day dreaming.


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