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Date: Sat, 25 Jun 2005 05:43:41 -0700
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HI Peter,    (01)

I'm planning to attend.    (02)

Rex    (03)

>I have started the 2005.06.30 Discussion Session page on the wiki 
>along with details we have so far. Please take a look at:
>To help us reserve adequate resources (like #lines on the conference 
>bridge) for the session, please RSVP offline to me if you are 
>planning to attend. Feel free to invite your friends, if you think 
>they can contribute to or benefit from the discussion.
>This is going to be a very interesting and relevant session.
>Don't miss it!
>Best regards.  =ppy
>Peter Yim wrote Thu, 23 Jun 2005 19:00:15 -0700:
>>Please note below, an abstract on our next Ontolog Technical 
>>Discussion session:
>>Title: *Interoperability Concerns in the Growth of Service 
>>Sciences: Ontological Implications of SOA*
>>Moderator: Professor William E. McCarthy - Michigan State Univ.
>>Date: Thursday June 30, 2005
>>Time: 10:30am~12:30pm PDT / 1:30~3:30pm PDT
>>Format: Panel & Open Discussion over an augmented conference call
>>From: McCarthy, William
>>Sent: Thursday, June 23, 2005 1:25 PM
>>To: '[ontolog-forum] '
>>Subject: panel on Ontological implications of SOA
>>Hi Peter et al.
>>Here is my proposed summary of next week's panel on 
>>interoperability concerns in the growth of service sciences.
>>Topic: Interoperability Concerns in the Growth of Service
>>        Sciences -- Ontological Implications of SOA
>>Traditionally, trading partners -- both within and between firms - 
>>trafficked in bundled tangible products like consumer goods or 
>>partially assembled finished goods.  Many early e-commerce 
>>standards assumed implicitly product-based exchanges.
>>Increasingly however, the growth in exchange and bundling of 
>>*Services* in the US and in other economies has supplanted tangible 
>>goods as the raison d'etre of international and domestic commerce. 
>>Estimates of the percentage of the gross domestic product of the US 
>>due to services (as opposed to goods) range as high as 80%.  This 
>>trend has led to increased interest in services and the 
>>establishment of new research centers like the proposed "Center for 
>>Services Sciences" at U.C. Berkeley.   A good of overview of such 
>>trends is the brief article by Henry Chesbrough:
>>In e-commerce, this growth in service provision has been mirrored 
>>by the advent of Service-Oriented Architectures which support 
>>integration and creation of composite solutions (bundles of 
>>services) from loosely-coupled components assembled both within an 
>>enterprise (outputs from legacy applications) and outside of the 
>>enterprise (typically XML-based Web services).
>>Whether or not the integrated services originate from incompatible 
>>operations inside the firm or from incompatible vendor interfaces 
>>from outside the firms, semantic inconsistencies, redundancies, and 
>>discrepancies make the vision of integrated services an ontological 
>>problem.  The purpose of this panel is to explore the ontological 
>>implications of service Sciences in general and of Service-Oriented 
>>Architectures in particular.  We will start our Ontolog session 
>>with some general comments from notable practitioners in the SOA 
>>and ontology areas.  We will then open up the discussion to more 
>>general comments and critiques.
>>Please mark your calendars now. I'll have the wiki session page up 
>>shortly with more details.  =ppy
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