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Re: [ontolog-forum] Protege Collaborative Development / Ontology Server

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From: Peter Yim <peter.yim@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2005 11:50:02 -0700
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Thank you for your show of interest and support, Ken.    (01)

You are probably one step ahead of us, though.    (02)

Ref. Ray's post, the task is more on setting up the 
infrastructure for:    (03)

1. allowing protege ontologies to be served to thin clients, and    (04)

2. providing a multi-user development platform to be available to 
the community at large.    (05)

We intend to have this setup be open and available to the larger 
protege community, regardless where they are from (academics, 
nih, ontolog, dao, sicop, ... etc.).    (06)

What you are alluding to falls into what was discussed at our 
Mar. 3, 2005 planning session, when Nicolas brought up the 
"eating our own dog food" argument, and suggested we start a 
project on "ontologizing" the ontolog content. (see: 
). While the discussion, then, evolved around SUMO, I can clearly 
see virtues of your suggested approach of having this done over 
the protege platform too.    (07)

We should continue a dialog on this .. and if there is enough 
interest, having such project emerge from the community will just 
be great! Please make sure you can join us when Nicolas' 
suggested OntologDiscussion session on this topic comes around 
(we don't have a date yet, as Nicolas is on vacation ... but stay 
tuned).    (08)

Cheers.  =ppy
--    (09)

Kenneth Fields wrote Sat, 9 Apr 2005 17:45:20 +0800:
> I would be very interested in this over in the DAO area also.
> What do you suggest? The ontolog-forum is perhaps a better
> point of intersection then the dev level. The protege server really
> makes the environment strong. What if WikiNames could
> be linked directly to the ontology base.
> This is a community goal I would think -  allowing the wiki knowledge base
> (perpetually under construction) to be immediately structured. Of course,
> under the wiki edit - you'd have to have a field for isASubclassOf. By
> the same token - the ontology terms (imported or specified) would be
> wiki terms which show up in our texts.
> Many wiki sites have categorization schemes - like tikiwiki.org - which
> are different then ontology schemes. If we could do this, then the 
> relationally
> based terms would also have a structured aspect (beyond the alphabetical 
> index).
> On the sidebar of the wiki you would have 'pages visited' and 'View 
> Ontology' - going
> to the specific location of the WikiName in the ontology. Just think if 
> wikipedia did
> this :).
> Ken    (010)

> On Apr 9, 2005, at 3:52 AM, Peter P. Yim wrote:
>> Further to a discussion I had with Ray Fergerson of the Protege 
>> Project/Stanford Medical Informatics, we are contemplating to set up a 
>> server based Protege/ontology service, and a (multi-user) 
>> collaborative ontology development Protege platform that will be 
>> hosted on the CIM3 infrastructure.
>> I promised Ray I'll start a thread here to work out the details, and 
>> to solicit community input prior to doing the real setup.
>> I am hoping to have the services in place before our CCT-Ontology 
>> translation work session (which is scheduled for Mon 2005.04.25 pm). 
>> Therefore, we have about 1 week for discussion and comments, and one 
>> week for setting up the servers.
>> May I start this off by asking Ray to point us to documentations that 
>> are available for these two software products that we are about to 
>> deploy. Are there links on your website that you can provide us with, 
>> Ray?
>> Comments, questions & suggestion welcomed from all.
>> Regards.  =ppy
>> P.S.  I am making a post to both [ontolog-forum] and [ontolog-dev] now 
>> ... but if this conversation start to get more involved (and low 
>> level), we should actually do that under [ontolog-dev], which is 
>> designated for "discussions relating to the development of the 
>> infrastructure and tools for the community". Please note. If you are 
>> interested in the discussion and aren't already subscribed there, this 
>> is the link to get yourself subscribed: 
>> http://ontolog.cim3.net/mailman/listinfo/ontolog-dev  =ppy
>> -- 
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