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Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2004 04:37:58 -0800
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>Denno: I still like the first definition, "misplaced emphasis." But, if you 
>find none 
>of my definitions of semantic harmonization above satisfying, I wouldn't 
>blame you.
>I'll take this parting shot: maybe while we *think* we are "harmonizing the 
>semantics" of our business communications, what we are actually doing is 
>harmonizing the business processes themselves; that is, eliminating 
>unnecessary differences in the way we do business so as to share common 
>practices. When we do that, we are relieved of the need to communicate 
>peculiar circumstances of practice. 
mm1: It is harmonizing the business entities that could be used in or be 
a part of business processes. [1] Achieving common practices, as a 
practical matter, may be an infinite task. The key, IMHO, is to allow 
the expression of those business processes in a standardized manner 
(i.e. process-ebBP [shared collaboration], content-cc=>bie=>message 
assembly, etc.) I do agree that the semantic content and processes are 
related, and are affected by context. If you look at the OAG-NIST-AIAG 
work to date in this area, they were trying to achive a joint action 
model that acknowledged not only the semantic (business entities) but 
the local interactions. [2] Caveat: I have not been involved in this 
effort since early 2004 so its focus may have changed. Thanks.    (01)

[1] Business entities =! business processes - their state and existence 
are related but not synonymous.
[2] One briefing you co-authored, Peter. :>) See attached.    (02)

>How far can the harmonization of business processes go? In this community, the 
>opening statement of many presentations is something like "Does the 
>pharmaceutical industry really need a different purchase order than the 
>medical community?" The speaker always assumes the answer is "no" but I am 
>not so sure. After all, business processes vary because we are doing various 
>thing! And I'd bet that most of us are not sufficiently well-versed in 
>multiple industries to confidently answer the question. 
>    (03)

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