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One of the other things we are doing in biz (SOX, XBRL, STF, eletronic
trading exchanges) is reducing the number of places industries can squirrel
away "gray money" -- bribes, kickbacks, gratuities, lobbyist fees, political
contributions. I have a working hypothesis that this is one (rarely
discussed in the print I've run across) factor for the resistance to
harmonizing and automating these processes. Is it possible that some
industries just need this layer in order to perform to Wall Street
expectations? I could be wrong -- it's happened before -- and I'm a
teachable sort...    (01)

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>Denno: I still like the first definition, "misplaced emphasis." But, if 
>you find none
>of my definitions of semantic harmonization above satisfying, I wouldn't 
>blame you.
>I'll take this parting shot: maybe while we *think* we are "harmonizing 
>semantics" of our business communications, what we are actually doing is 
>harmonizing the business processes themselves; that is, eliminating 
>unnecessary differences in the way we do business so as to share common 
>practices. When we do that, we are relieved of the need to communicate 
>peculiar circumstances of practice.     (04)

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