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Re: [ontolog-forum] Update on SMINK/Invoices ontology -- Some Core Comp

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From: Adam Pease <adampease@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2004 10:40:35 -0800
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   I'm getting a "not found" message when I try to access your links.    (01)

Adam    (02)

At 01:35 PM 2/19/2004 -0500, you wrote:
>    I have uploaded the latest versions of the KIF
>and Protege files containing the combined SUMO 1.56 and
>Mid-Level ontologies, plus the Invoices concepts
>added by Adam Pease and myself.  This version
>(SMINK007) contains a few more concepts useful for
>explicit definition of some additional core concepts
>as well as the concept of a "Code", included in the
>previous version (SMINK006).
>    The UML and XLS files with the core concepts provide
>(I think) by Tim McGrath are really useful in trying to
>get an understanding of what those concepts are supposed
>to mean.  Thanks to Tim and Peter for making them available.
>    At this point I think it should be worthwhile to have
>another conference call dedicated to reviewing the
>concepts added to SUMO + MILO thus far.  I am especially
>concerned about some ambiguities in the definitions of
>the core concepts that leave me uncertain how they should
>be represented in SKIF.
>     The files available are:
>     ftp://micra.com/ontolog/smink007.zip    --  the WinZipped Protege
>                               files for the combined SUMO, Mid-Level,
>                               and Invoices ontology:  SMINK007
>     ftp://micra.com/ontolog/skifcore.zip    --  the WinZipped Protege
>                               SKIFcore.* files (3) for the base Protege
>                               ontology required to import a SKIF file
>                               using the SKIF tab
>     ftp://micra.com/ontolog/skif_tab.jar    --  the jar file for the
>                                SkifTab plugin which will import a SKIF
>                                file into Protege (if it follows the
>                                SUMO-SKIF conventions)
>     ftp://micra.com/ontolog/samin007.zip     --  a zipped text file
>                                 "samin007.txt", which is the
>                                SKIF-format file for the combined
>                                SUMO, Mid-Level,  and Invoices
>                                ontologies (the SKIF-text version of
>                                Protege ontology SMINK007)
>    As before, I would appreciate it if anyone who can load a
>SKIF ontology in Sigma or Sevcenko's browser would take
>the "samin006.txt" file (presumably in SKIF format) and try
>to load it to see if other parsers can pick up any syntax or
>logical errors that I haven't detected.
>     Pat
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