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Re: [ontolog-forum] Axioms in Protege

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From: "Peter P. Yim" <yimpp@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2003 09:04:23 -0700
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Pat,    (01)

1. Thank you for the work. It looks wonderful!    (02)

2. Once again, I've hoisted your work over to the VNC server (which we 
can use for our meeting(s), and for people who don't have a Protégé 
setup on their computer to view and play around with.    (03)

Like before, I've added an OntoViz view, and an "a" suffix to your 
filename (UBLinv018a.pprj, UBLinv018a.pont & UBLinv018a.pins; so as 
not to confuse with or overwrite your original.)    (04)

It is accessible (with your java enabled browser) at:    (05)

    http://vnc2.cim3.net:5800/    (06)

    password = "ontology"    (07)

[Anyone behind corporate firewalls and have trouble accessing the
above, please email me separately if you want to access the above. We
might try something else, offline.]    (08)

3. Are their other Protégé plug-ins that you would use, or suggest, 
that could be used to make better use of the PAL constraints?    (09)

Thanks again, Pat, for working on this.    (010)

PPY    (011)

P.S. Pat: Don't you sleep at all? :-)
Thought you said you were going on a vacation (after sending out 
UBLinv017), how come you are still around? Are you joining the call 
later this morning?  -ppy
--    (012)

Patrick Cassidy wrote Thu, 14 Aug 2003 04:15:59 -0400:
> I was able to improve the formatting of some of
> the axioms which were incorporated into Protege
> as :PAL-CONSTRAINTS.  The conversion had modified
> the format of some of them.  The improved files
> are:
>      ftp://micra.com/ontolog/UBLinv018.pprj
>      ftp://micra.com/ontolog/UBLinv018.pont
>      ftp://micra.com/ontolog/UBLinv018.pins
>   The ublinv017 versions have been deleted.
>     Pat
>     (013)

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