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Re: [ontolog-forum] Protege representations of UBL xsd elements

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From: Patrick Cassidy <pcassidy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2003 00:46:08 -0400
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Peter is correct, I forgot to change the
extensions in the file names for the Protege files:
Peter P. Yim wrote:
> Pat,
> Thank you for the work, looks great! Definitely got us off to a start on 
> Protégé. A few quick comments:
> 1. Your files:
>  > The new Protege files are at:
>  >
>  >     ftp://micra.com/ontolog/UBLinv013.pins
>  >     ftp://micra.com/ontolog/UBLinv013.pins
>  >     ftp://micra.com/ontolog/UBLinv013.pins
> Guess you meant:
>       ftp://micra.com/ontolog/UBLinv013.pprj
>       ftp://micra.com/ontolog/UBLinv013.pont
>       ftp://micra.com/ontolog/UBLinv013.pins
>     (01)

About the xls file:    (02)

> 2. UBL reference:
>  > ... that the xsd files have the most detailed and
>  > authoritative representations ...
> While it is true that UBL, as an OASIS Technical Committee has XSD's as 
> the normative deliverable (since OASIS has primarily been in XML 
> interoperability), and hence, the authoritative part, the UBL Library 
> Content people actually started work on spreadsheets. Therefore, the 
> spreadsheets, in particular, the file:
> should be the one that has captured the most amount of pertinent 
> information (some of which weren't represented in the xsd's). A lot of 
> the class hierarchies, the construct of the UBL name, cardinality (see 
> column "J"), ... etc.
>     (03)

   The xls file is another format that can help figure out what is 
intended.  I notice that the XLS file has associations not
in the xsd file.  But I haven't yet found the place where the class
hierarchies are indicated -- which class is supposed to be
a subclass of another.  Can anyone help me with this?
Also, I do see some things there that I'm not clear on.
For example, in the column H (Assoc Object Class) I see the term
"Shipment" without any qualifier term in the previous column.  But
I don't find "Shipment" by itself in any of the files I've looked at.
Should there be a "Shipment" class that is a parent of 
"OrderedShipment" and "ActualShipment"?  If so, is it specified
in some file?  Does every class with a qualifier term imply that
there is some parent class without the qualifier?    (04)

> Besides, the spreadsheet featured 548 pertinent entries too (as opposed 
> to 92).
    The 92 entries transcribed were the "complexTypes" and if the
properties and associations of these are counted (as they would be
if one counted the lines in the xls file), there will be several
hundred, but I haven't tried counting. In fact I only find
about 60 complex types in the "normalized_components" xls file.
The "Reusable" xls file has 92 complexTypes and over 600
lines.  There is a lot of duplication between these two xls files.
Does anyone know the different functions of the two xls files?
Also, I can't find a "normalized components" xsd file.  Can anyone
say why the different formats have different sets of files?    (05)

      Pat    (06)

Patrick Cassidy    (07)

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