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Re: [ontolog-forum] Protege representations of UBL xsd elements

To: cassidy@xxxxxxxxx, "[ontolog-forum]" <ontolog-forum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
From: "Peter P. Yim" <yimpp@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2003 16:28:25 -0700
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Pat,    (01)

Thank you for the work, looks great! Definitely got us off to a start 
on Protégé. A few quick comments:    (02)

1. Your files:    (03)

 > The new Protege files are at:
 >     ftp://micra.com/ontolog/UBLinv013.pins
 >     ftp://micra.com/ontolog/UBLinv013.pins
 >     ftp://micra.com/ontolog/UBLinv013.pins    (04)

Guess you meant:    (05)

       ftp://micra.com/ontolog/UBLinv013.pins    (06)

2. UBL reference:    (07)

 > ... that the xsd files have the most detailed and
 > authoritative representations ...    (08)

While it is true that UBL, as an OASIS Technical Committee has XSD's 
as the normative deliverable (since OASIS has primarily been in XML 
interoperability), and hence, the authoritative part, the UBL Library 
Content people actually started work on spreadsheets. Therefore, the 
spreadsheets, in particular, the file:    (09)

http://ubl.cim3.org/~lcsc/release/0p70/xls/UBL_Library_0p70_normalized_components.xls    (010)

should be the one that has captured the most amount of pertinent 
information (some of which weren't represented in the xsd's). A lot of 
the class hierarchies, the construct of the UBL name, cardinality (see 
column "J"), ... etc.    (011)

Besides, the spreadsheet featured 548 pertinent entries too (as 
opposed to 92).    (012)

3. Should we do this ...    (013)

 > ... Before I try to refine this transcription, I would like
 > to know if others think that this procedure would help
 > in doing what we are trying to do.  Perhaps it is not
 > best to try to replicate the UBL classes directly in this
 > fashion.
 >  But as I mentioned I have found the exercise useful to
 > try to understand the semantics of these data elements. ...    (014)

I would say the exercise is definitely worth doing. I would even use 
the entire UBL vocabulary (all 548 of them) as a start. My suggestion 
would be to use the abovementioned spreadsheet instead.    (015)

I would like to see the comment from Tim McGath (UBL Library Content 
Subcommittee chair) or others from UBL on this, with possibly further 
suggestions and issues we should be on the lookout for.    (016)

4. I've hoisted your work over to the VNC server (which we can use for 
our meeting(s) and tutorial. Added an OntoViz view, added an "a" 
suffix to your filename (so as not to confuse with or overwrite your 
original) for everyone to view and play around with.    (017)

It is accessible (with your java enabled browser) at:    (018)

   http://vnc2.cim3.net:5800/    (019)

   password = "ontology"    (020)

[Anyone behind corporate firewalls and have trouble accessing the 
above, please email me separately if you want to access the above. We 
might try something else, offline.]    (021)

Thanks again, Pat, for working on this.    (022)

--    (023)

Patrick Cassidy wrote Mon, 28 Jul 2003 15:31:48 -0400:
>     In follow-up to our conference call Thursday
> I have transcribed the 92 complexTypes from the
> UBL_Library_0p70_Reusable.xsd file into Protege format,
> and added them to the Protege file I previously modified.
> ...[snip]...    (024)

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