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Date: Sun, 13 Jul 2003 16:55:52 -0600
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mm1: Peter, what about the fact that an invoice resolves around payment 
for goods or services received.  Then, taking that (and to Mike's and 
Duance's points), we have a transfer of resources (goods/services in 
exchange for payment).  In the EAN.UCC drafts I've seen they have the 
notion of a commitment document (not a PO or a contract). Could this be 
related?    (01)

Thanks.    (02)

> Yim: 4.(a) where the UBL Definitions simply states "complete 
> information of the invoice," and
> 4.(b) xCBL 3.0 describes it as " The Invoice comprises the creation of 
> an invoice that is sent from a seller to a buyer for payment for the 
> goods or services detailed in the invoice supplied under conditions 
> agreed between buyer and seller. An invoice may refer to goods, items 
> or services related to one or more orders. An invoice may contain 
> references to payment terms and transport information."
> 4.(c) Something along the line of what Mike had suggested, or a re-use 
> of another pertinent standard definition (suggestions?), should be 
> considered.
>> Daconta: In regards to SUMO, I have downloaded the protege version and
>> included it in my protege project.  While clearly an invoice follows
>> the "physical" branch of the class hierarchy.  I did not see anything
>> in SUMO equal to or close to a Document.  I probably missed it.
>> Adam, is the concept of "Document" represented in SUMO?
>> - Mike
>>    (03)

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