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This is a regular monthly OOR Team meeting. This is the first time we resume our regular OOR meetings, after pausing and diverting the OOR team's effort to support OntologySummit2013 (which has since concluded.) We will pick up from where we left off with the regular team meeting agenda and other proposed agenda items.    (3S8L)

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4.1 Discussion: tactically, what shall we be doing differently in the next 6 to 12 months    (3SOE)

4.2 Setting the metrics - what does "success" look like    (3SOK)

4.3 Action planning for "content drive" (getting people to upload ontologies) ... (deferred discussion of this item)    (3SOL)

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        [8:33] PeterYim: Welcome to the    (3TA5)
	 = OpenOntologyRepository: OOR Team Conference Call - Tue 2013_05_21 =    (3TA6)
	session page:    (3TA7)
	Attendees: PeterYim (chair), BobSmith, KenBaclawski, MichaelGruninger, MikeBennett, 
	MikeDean, OliverKutz (in chat-room only), TillMossakowski    (3TA8)
	 == proceedings: ==    (3TA9)
	[8:39] PeterYim: == please post your thoughts: retrospect (from the OOR vantage point) - supporting 
	and leveraging OntologySummit2013    (3TAA)
	[8:40] MichaelGruninger: the use of hackathons as a way of spurring progress on the implementation side    (3TAB)
	[8:41] MikeBennett: Valuable findings on ontology assessment tools and methodology - wonder how this 
	would fit in with OOR e.g. gatekeeping, formal process?    (3TAC)
	[8:41] PeterYim: generally it was great! ... the Hackathon gave us an opportunity to get down to do 
	some (way overdue) real work ...    (3TAD)
	[8:41] TillMossakowski: It was great to discuss the OOR API at HC-07 with Ken and Peter. We have 
	made significant progress.    (3TAE)
	[8:41] KenBaclawski: The hackathon was a great advance. We should repeat it.    (3TAF)
	[8:42] MikeBennett: Some valuable thoughts on use of upper ontologies, considerations around 
	different partitions / ontological commitments, came out of some of the Track C presentations, which 
	I think are relevant to OOR in terms of how ontologies may or may not relate to one another.    (3TAG)
	[8:42] PeterYim: ... we didn't have a chance to incorporate OOPS! as a service for the OOR-sandbox; 
	I think we should still do it ... hopefully, with the "new" API that was agreed upon during the Hackathon    (3TAH)
	[8:43] BobSmith: The next major advance in the National Building Information Modeling Standard, 
	likely 2016 time frame, may be distributed BIM models. Current concerns with low trustworthiness 
	makes any significant industry and gov't participation for funding questionable UNLESS there are 
	built in Quality Evaluation methods, metrics, and "enforcements". SO the hackathons were most useful    (3TAI)
	[8:44] PeterYim: Michael: think "OOR Hackathon"    (3TAJ)
	[8:45] BobSmith: I'm also fascinated with the potentials of FIBO and Industry Specific Ontology 
	Frameworks in general - especially as Buildings within Cities require Funding and PPP Contractual 
	alignments with infrastructure threats...    (3TAK)
	[8:48] BobSmith: Amanda's approach to Hackathon design - using the graphic tools within Google Docs 
	to express specific models with annotation was especially helpful to me...    (3TAL)
	[8:49] PeterYim: MikeBennett: community would benefit from a more extensive presentation of what 
	transpired from the FIBO Ontology Evaluation Clinic ... and formalizing that process would be good too    (3TAM)
	[8:50] PeterYim: maybe we could consider fitting regular "hackathon" work sessions into our monthly 
	OOR meeting routines    (3TAN)
	[8:52] MikeBennett: Ontology based standards hackathon - a great idea!    (3TAO)
	[8:55] KenBaclawski: Each hackathon should have specific objectives/deliverables that can be 
	accomplished in the hackathon period. MikeBennett's suggestions are examples of such objectives.    (3TAP)
	[9:01] BobSmith: Asking SemTech leaders to carve out a day or two do emulate what DavidNewman at 
	Wells Fargo and DennisWisnosky are doing to engage the finance/banking sector folks in details of 
	the FIBO project (Financial Industry Business Object)    (3TAQ)
	[9:04] MikeBennett: Yes - DavidNewman and DennisWisnosky have pulled this event together, in 
	co-ordination with Eric Franzon at SemTechBizSF. I agree that a more industry-wide, maybe 
	standards-focused session headed up by OOR the following year would a good follow-on from this.    (3TAR)
	[9:05] BobSmith: @Peter - ref.    (3TAS)
	[9:00] PeterYim: == discussion and confirmation: support to TillMossakowski's OntoLATIN proposal - 
	with OOR as a "cooperation partner"    (3TAT)
	[9:08] PeterYim: [consensus] unanimously agreed to provide Till and the OntoLATIN proposal with a 
	support letter ... (MikeDean & I will try to get that done today or tomorrow)    (3TAU)
	[9:15] PeterYim: == OOR session/program/event planning    (3TAV)
	[9:16] PeterYim: (only tangentially related to OOR, but very much an OntologyBasedStandards 
	activity) I am planning to call a meeting about reviving the QUOMOS work on Thu 2013.05.30    (3TAW)
	[9:21] MichaelGruninger: possible workshop on using FIBO as a set of test cases for exploring the 
	ontology relationships that we need to capture in OOR and the application of approaches such as DOL 
	as a way of specifying these relationships    (3TAX)
	[9:27] MichaelGruninger: Metadata for FIBO and Related Ontologies    (3TAY)
	[9:27] PeterYim: Metadata series - "Ontology Metadata for FIBO and related Ontologies" 
	- Tue 2013.07.02 - co-chair: MichaelGruninger & MikeBennett    (3TAZ)
	[9:22] BobSmith: BillMcCarthy's Ontolog Forum work...    (3TB0)
	[9:31] PeterYim: TillMossakowski and KenBaclawski will start to co-champion a "hackathon" series - 
	with monthly activities ... they'll pick the 3rd Tuesday of every month (the first Tuesdays of each 
	month have been nominally slated for OOR Team planning & admin meetings)    (3TB1)
	[9:32] PeterYim: Hackathon series - "OOR-Ontohub API" - co-chair: TillMossakowski & KenBaclawski - 
	Tue 2013.06.18 ... Gateekeper will be on the agenda of this session too    (3TB2)
	[9:35] PeterYim: Strategy series - "Revisiting OOR Strategy & Tactics" - chair: PeterYim & MikeDean(?) 
	- Tue 2013.05.28 (originally 2013.06.25, but now moved earlier)    (3TB3)
	[9:36] PeterYim: == Status Review - ref.    (3TB4)
	[9:53] PeterYim: (on the side ... more later, but this will be exciting!) I'm working on a GUI with ...    (3TB5)
	[9:54] PeterYim: this GUI can be very effective with URIs that has the term at the end... like:    (3TB6)
	[9:55] MichaelGruninger: COLORE is being reorganized to eliminate the distinction between core and 
	complex hierarchies. The new organization will mean that each directory corresponds to a unique 
	hierarchy, and all verification directories are included within the hierarchy. All ontologies will 
	have URIs of the form    (3TB7)
	[9:54] TillMossakowski: sorry, I have to leave now    (3TB8)
	[9:54] PeterYim: Thanks, Till ... Bye ... I'll contact you off-line ref. the "letter of support"    (3TB9)
	[10:05] PeterYim: == fixing the regular time: [consensus] best comprise - same time as today's call 
	-1.5Hr starting 11:30am EDT ...    (3TBA)
	[10:07] PeterYim: moving "Strategy & Tactics" meeting up from Tue 2013.06.25 to 2013.05.28 ... see 
	you all all next week, same time!    (3TBB)
	[10:13] PeterYim: -- session ended: 10:07am PDT --    (3TBC)
 -- end in-session chat-transcript --    (3SPH)

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