OpenOntologyRepository: OOR Content Workshop-III - Tue 2012_06_26    (3BTI)

Continuing from the last (2012.05.29) OOR-Content workshop, this is our 3rd OOR-content workshop, with a focus on bringing together user communities who would be putting ontology contents into OOR instances. We will discuss how best to approach that, and how the OOR design and implementation can best serve their needs. This session will also discuss the coordination of content among various OOR instances.    (3C8D)

Topic: OOR Content Workshop-III: "Coordinating the OOR Content Drive"    (3BTJ)

Session Co-chairs: MichaelGruninger (U of Toronto) & MikeDean (Raytheon-BBN)    (3C8E)

... please also refer to proceedings from the last OOR workshop on "contents" at OOR/ConferenceCall_2012_05_29    (3BTK)

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	PeterYim: Welcome to the    (3CHS)
	 = OOR Content Workshop-III - Tue 2012_06_26  =    (3CHT)
	Topic: OOR Content Workshop-III: "Coordinating the OOR Content Drive"    (3CHU)
	Session Co-chairs: MichaelGruninger (U of Toronto) & MikeDean (Raytheon-BBN)    (3CHV)
	Session page:    (3CHW)
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	anonymous morphed into TomTinsley    (3CI0)
	anonymous morphed into MikeBennett    (3CI1)
	anonymous morphed into FrankOlken    (3CI2)
	MichaelGruninger: FIBO ontologies from Mike Bennett will be uploaded to the sandbox instance    (3CI3)
	MichaelGruninger: at    (3CI4)
	MikeBennett: Sign-up process: the 'input text' widget is not working at present.    (3CI5)
	PeterYim: MikeDean (or KenBaclawski) will help MikeBennett with the upload (to the OOR sandbox) where necessary    (3CI6)
	MichaelGruninger / MikeDean: good opportunity for paper on interaction of (user-defined) ontology modules 
                                     and ontology repositories    (3CI7)
	MikeDean: existing research has focused more on algorithms for decomposing ontologies into modules    (3CI8)
	MikeDean: e.g.    (3CI9)
	MikeDean: could be used for NASA SWEET, etc.    (3CIA)
	PeterYim: the need for both "ontology modules" as well as "super domain ontologies" (as MITRE calls the latter)    (3CIB)
	MikeBennett: Vision for a federation of industry-led ontology standards covering common concepts which 
                     may be federated and referred to in deeper domain ontologies.    (3CIC)
	MikeBennett: Taking industry bodies as the appropriate authority for the meanings of terms    (3CID)
	MikeBennett: Meanwhile for meaningful terms in our (FIBO) ontologies we have had to define more abstract terms, up to the level of 'archetypcai' terms e.g. for commitments, transactions, contracts, places etc.    (3CIE)
	MikeBennett: So for example a financial ontology has bonds, shares etc., but these are all actually contracts.    (3CIF)
	MikeBennett: We have done some exciting work in aligning terms between the REA ontology and an XBRL view 
                     of the world, using high level partitions and archetypes to show how terms in one may be 
                     described with reference to the other, and the whole provides the atomic building blocks 
                     for concepts we draw upon in financial services.    (3CIG)
	MikeBennett: Similarly, we have a need for ontologies in real estate, construction etc. in order to 
                     create new models of Loans.    (3CIH)
	PeterYim: MichaelGruninger: the "value add" of an Ontology Repositories    (3CII)
	PeterYim: coordinating content "federation"    (3CIJ)
	MichaelGruninger: TONES Ontology repository:    (3CIK)
	anonymous morphed into ShannonCopeland    (3CIL)
	PeterYim: == TomTinsley: intro ... Enterprise architecture as an upper ontology    (3CIM)
	TerryLongstreth: @Tom - is your otter(?) demo publicly accessible? can you give us a URL?    (3CIN)
	TomTinsley: The OTTER project was presented at KEOD 2011. 
                    The name is derived from Ontology Technology That Executes Real-time.    (3CIO)
	PeterYim: @Tom - would be great if you can give a talk to the community about it some time, 
                  especially if this is an open project    (3CIP)
	PeterYim: == ShannonCopeland: intro ... doing a startup in the legal side of things, risk, contract, 
                  ... (Shannon met MikeBennett at SemTech)    (3CIQ)
	ShannonCopeland: my email is scopeland [at]    (3CIR)
	BobSmith: Hi Shannon - Ryan Caulker, Esq., of Natl Institute of Building Sciences, has created 
                  a workgroup formalizing risk levels in high performance building projects. 
                  I'm the terminology guy on the subcommittee    (3CIS)
	Shannon Copeland: Bob, can you share your email as well?    (3CIT)
	BobSmith: mine - Bob [at]    (3CIU)
	MikeBennett: @BobSmith Is there an ontology for construction concepts which can be considered as canonical? 
                     We need to not reinvent such terms for construction loans and other loan types 
                     (per the MISMO logical / message standards which we are ontologizing).    (3CIV)
	MikeBennett: NSF EarthCube project - is this an ontology project?    (3CIW)
	PeterYim: Not exactly, it is more like a eScience (for Geo-scientists) + Information Portal project. 
                  There is a fairly strong "Ontology & Smeantics" component to it  - see:    (3CIX)
	MikeBennett: (ref. PeterYim's discussion on possibilities on collaborating with 
                     Something you should pursue on government data is the NIEM initiative.    (3CIY)
	MikeBennett: NIEM is currently logical data but there is an interest within the OMG folks working this, 
                     to consider OWL at some point - I don't have details as I'm not involved, the best person 
                     to speak to is CoryCasanave.    (3CIZ)
	MikeBennett: Super-domain ontologies and upper ontologies are key to developing interoperable ontologies 
                     in whatever field.    (3CJ0)
	MikeBennett: I think a lot of commercial consultancies will be interested in pursuing 
                     the combination of big data and ontologies. Linking with statistics is also 
                     a growing area of interest in people we have been speaking to 
                     (and of course in Watson, Google etc.).    (3CJ1)
	PeterYim: "OOR for 'Big Data' session" now scheduled for Tue 2012.08.14    (3CJ2)
	PeterYim: making this an Joint OOR-Ontolog session    (3CJ3)
	PeterYim: MikeDean will chair and will mull over the content for this session between now and then    (3CJ4)
	TerryLongstreth: With potential follow-up at next onto summit    (3CJ5)
	PeterYim: MichaelGruninger will continue to follow-up with PatCassidy and DeniseBedford on driving "content"    (3CJ6)
	PeterYim: Regular monthly OOR team meeting same time next Tuesday 2012.07.03 ... talk to you all then    (3CJ7)
	PeterYim: -- session ended: 9:43am PDT --    (3CJ8)
 -- end of in-session chat-transcript --    (3CJ9)

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 notes taken by: PeterYim / 2012.06.26-10:05am PDT
 All participants, please review and edit to enhance accuracy and granularity of the documented proceedings.    (3CAG)

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