OpenOntologyRepository: OOR Infrastructure Workshop - Tue 2011_12_13    (2ZE1)

Topic: OOR Infrastructure Workshop: "Finalizing the OOR_SandBox upgrade (Dec-2011)"    (2ZE2)

Session chair: PeterYim    (30S2)

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	PeterYim: Welcome to the ...    (30XX)
	= OOR Infrastructure Workshop - Tue 2011_12_06 =    (30XY)
	Topic: '''OOR Infrastructure Workshop: "Finalizing the OOR_SandBox upgrade (Dec-2011)" 	
	Session chair: PeterYim    (30XZ)
	== Proceedings: ==    (30Y0)
	ToddSchneider: Is the OOR-sandbox URL still the same?    (30Y1)
	PeterYim: see:    (30Y2)
	PeterYim: [action] Peter to point - OOR Homepage    (30Y3)
	MikeDean: suggest using cname on DNS to redirect    (30Y4)
	MikeDean: at the top of the OOR homepage - let's list the various instances of OOR for quick access    (30Y5)
	PeterYim: see:    (30Y6)
	KenBaclawski: [action] I will look at the i18n customization to see if it supports specifying 
        a background color.    (30Y7)
	KenBaclawski: I will ask Ali to select a suitable background color and texture for the logo.    (30Y8)
	MikeDean: [ACTION] (Mike):  update categories on new instance    (30Y9)
	PeterYim: reviewed and updated category list at:    (30YA)
	KenBaclawski: [action] Look for non-biomedical terminology and replace example terms with 
        dublin core or FOAF (social networking) terms.    (30YB)
	PeterYim: after oor-03, CIM3 is planning to bring up two more instances (one for dev baseline, 
        and one for socop)    (30YC)
	PeterYim: Peter will keep the devbox at the cim3-sm1 location    (30YD)
	PeterYim: the other two instances will be hosted at the cim3-fmt1 facility    (30YE)
	MikeDean: When I created my account (mdean) and clicked Create, I got an error but the account 
        was created.  I recall this happening last time as well.  It would be great if others could 
        also create accounts and report their experiences.    (30YF)
	KenBaclawski: When I try to create a new account I get an internal error.  I will check with 
        Tejas about this.    (30YG)
	PeterYim: customized "categorization" and more testing need to be in place before we make content drive    (30YH)
	PeterYim: [action] customized "categorization" and more testing in December    (30YI)
	PeterYim: when we come back in January, we will start the content drive - starting 
        from out 2012_01_03 OOR team meeting (first meeting in the year)    (30YJ)
	PeterYim: MikeDean and MichaelGruninger both unavailable on Jan-3    (30YK)
	PeterYim: [decision] no meeting 2012.01.03 ... first OOR team Meeting of the year 2012.01.10 
        ... Metadata workshop 2012.01.17    (30YL)
	PeterYim: all Tuesdays, same time    (30YM)
	PeterYim: -- session ended: 9:21am PST --    (30YN)

4. pertinent discussions (below) from previous meetings ... (some material may already be outdated; so, for reference only!)''    (30SU)

... Notes below are from previous meeting(s), and will be updated as this meeting progresses.    (30SX)

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 notes taken by: PeterYim / 2011.12.13-9:39am PST
 All participants, please review and edit to enhance accuracy and granularity of the documented proceedings.    (30UT)

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