OpenOntologyRepository: OOR Team Conference Call - Tue 2011_09_06    (2WGZ)

This is a regular OOR Team meeting. Do pay special attention to the time of the call, as this is the first session on the newly adopted meeting slot (where we moved the Fridays starting 6:00am PDT / 9:00am EDT / 3:00pm CEST to Tuesdays starting at 8:30am PDT / 11:30am EDT / 5:30pm CEST.)    (2WJ2)

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          MikeDean: Issues/questions for next week's joint meeting    (2WVG)
          TerryLongstreth: I will plan to attend next Tuesday    (2WVK)
          MikeBennett: I probably won't make it a I sometimes have a conflict at this time now.    (2WVL)
          MikeBennett: Modularity of ontologies - any requirements / constraints on this?    (2WVM)
          TerryLongstreth: Old business I know but: status/influence of Metadata repository standard (ISO 19763) 
                           and New work item 17347?    (2WVN)
          PeterYim: @Terry - MichaelGruninger and JohnBateman is working rolling out a joint 
                             IAOA-OOR-Ontolog mini-series on "Ontology Standards" - a session on ISO 19763 is 
                             one of the first ones they'll be featuring. As for ISO 17347, that is very new 
                             (just got adopted as a NWI (new work item)during the ISO meeting in Seoul, Korea 
                             this June - see: - I will email 
                             you SueEllenWright's contact, she is the ISO/TC37/SC3 chair, where this work is 
                             going to take place.    (2WVO)
          MikeDean: Like MikeBennett, support for ontologies consisting of multiple modules/files 
                    (e.g. NASA SWEET has 200 modules)    (2WVP)
          MikeDean: How best to support a larger category hierarchy, user-defined categories, etc.    (2WVQ)
          MikeBennett: Standardized use of element-level metadata i.e. the emerging consensus on what terms to 
                       use from DC, SKOS and so on; when and whether to add additional element metadata    (2WVR)
          MikeBennett: Consensus on how precisely to use OWL Annotation Properties for additional 
                       element-level metadata (provenance, labeling, additional logical information etc,)    (2WVS)
          MikeDean: Plans for federation    (2WVT)
          KenBaclawski: Naming is always a big problem for federated systems. BioPortal assigns database 
                        identifiers which is fine for a centralized repository but does not work well for 
                        a federated system. We need a more flexible mechanism for assigning names/identifiers.    (2WVU)
          KenBaclawski: Distributed reasoning capability: reasoning with a combination of ontologies that 
                        are not all stored at the same site.    (2WVV)
          PeterYim: now that we are "branching" instead of "forking" ... since NatashaNoy told us that NCBO 
                    was thinking of moving their code repository to git (github, maybe?), we may want to 
                    explore how we can best working off a shared repository to facilitate cross-contributions 
                    in the future.    (2WVW)
          PeterYim: how can we best handle support issues ... need support from the BioPortal team 
                    - RayFergerson, TrishWhetzel, PaulAlexander, NatashaNoy,  et al.    (2WYZ)

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