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Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2012 21:07:13 -0500
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Leo, Fabian, et al.,    (01)

> application is always in mind, I think, when you develop an ontology.
> What, after all, are requirements? Requirements for what? ...
> The application may be very general or very specific: provide
> a superstructure for mid-level and domain ontologies for semantic
> interoperability (of systems)...    (02)

> Yes, the development of reference ontologies are influenced
> by the requirements of several existing or expected applications.
> I completely agree.    (03)

So do I.  The first word of the AO Journal is 'applied'.  Philosophy
and logic provide important ideas and techniques.  But we have to
bridge the very large gap between theory and practice.    (04)

We must also recognize the half century of software development that
left us a legacy of multi-trillions of dollars of systems that run
the world economy.  The ontologies of those systems have been copied
and extended from one version to another for many decades.    (05)

As just one example, every time you make an airline reservation or
extend it with a hotel or car rental, you're using software based
on the Sabre System developed by IBM and American Airlines in 1962.    (06)

In fact, the Sabre System is based on the earlier SAGE system that
IBM developed for DoD in the 1950s.  That was designed for the
Strategic Air Command to monitor all aircraft in the North American
airspace -- especially anything coming over the North Pole.    (07)

Old systems never die.  They don't even fade away.  They just keep
getting reborn in new versions with architectures and ontologies
that incorporate the DNA of the old ones.    (08)

That is why I keep emphasizing the three key terms of Tim B-L's
proposal in Feb 2000: Diversity, Heterogeneity, and Interoperability.    (09)

We'll never develop any grand visions for the future without using,
building on, extending, and interoperating with the results of many
other developers' grand visions of the past and present.    (010)

John    (011)

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